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Founder and Co-Executive Director, Abrahams Vision
Assistant Professor, Theology and Religious Studies Department
University of San Francisco

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The Founder and Co-Executive Director of Abraham's Vision, a conflict transformation organization working with Jews, Muslims, Israelis, and Palestinians (, Aaron Hahn Tapper is an Assistant Professor in the Theology and Religious Studies Department of the University of San Francisco, holding the Swig Chair of Judaic Studies. He previously lived in the Middle East for five yearsfour years in Jerusalem and one year in Cairoand traveled extensively in Jordan, Morocco, Lebanon, and Syria. Aaron received a BA from Johns Hopkins University, majoring in Psychology, a Master's degree from Harvard Divinity School, focusing on World Religions, and a PhD in Comparative Religions from the University of California, Santa Barbara. His doctoral dissertation, "From Gaza to the Golan: Religious Nonviolence, Power, and the Politics of Interpretation," explores the relationship between the socio-political context of Israel and Palestine, religious law, and power. His interdisciplinary research interests are comparative religions, the history of religions, the interplay between politics and religion, Judaism, Islam, nonviolence, and the relationship between power and religious authority.