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Graduate Program in Global Studies
Sophia University

Tokyo, Japan


Ria Shibata is currently enrolled in the Graduate Program in Global Studies at Sophia University in Japan. Her research is on the role of religion in global civil society, focusing on the activities of Japanese religious NGOs. She also teaches an undergraduate course on Intercultural Communication at Temple University in Tokyo. She has worked as an interpreter and cross-cultural communications consultant on various projects involving religious organizations and NGOs. In 2001, she was the executive producer of an award-winning environmental documentary, “A Quiet Revolution,” featuring Wangari Maathai (Nobel Peace Prize winner in 2005). The film, a project of the Earth Council to promote sustainable development in the run-up to the United Nations World Summit on Sustainable Development in 2002, aired on National Geographic channel in 55 countries and continues to be widely used as an educational tool. Her recent documentary film about sustainability initiatives in Denmark was aired on cable channels in Japan in 2010. She is an advisor on an upcoming film project for The Global Human Rights Education Network (HREA). Her translation of “Beyond the Shadow of 9/11,” a book by Han Seung Soo, president of the 56th General Assembly of the United Nations, on the UN’s response to the 9.11 terrorist attacks, was published by the Reischauer Center for Asian Studies, Johns Hopkins University.