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Founder & Director
Fundacion Huesped, Argentina

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Kurt Frieder, MBA (eq.), MPH, is actually the Executive Director of Fundacion Huesped, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He currently is co-coordinating the CIAT/ITPC (International Treatment Preparedness Coalition of HIV/AIDS activists in Latin America); is part of the Executive Commission of the RACI (Argentine Network for International cooperation) and a regional member of AIDS Accountability International. He has previously served as the Chair of the Organizing Committee of the 1st. International Aids Society Conference on HIV Pathogenesis and Treatment, and was a member of several Scholarship Working Groups in International Aids Conferences. Locally in Argentina, he was the 1st. coordinator of the Health Commission of the Social Sector Forum and for several periods the General Secretary of the Argentinean Aids Society (SAS). He was a Health Ministry Consultant for the UNDP Project in the area of Civil Sector Organizations participation in the National Programs of AIDS and STDs. He was part of the group that wrote the original project and a member of the Argentinean Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) of the Global Fund for Aids, TBC and Malaria (GFATM).


Originally born in Rumania, has been living most of his life and was educated in Argentina. Married and with 4 children, he is fluent in Spanish, English, German and Hebrew. He received his MBA (equivalent degree) in Business Administration from the University of Belgrano and his Master in Public Health degree from the University of Buenos Aires. He received the Karel Steuer Cathedra of Entrepreneurship Award from the San Andres University and a Youngsters Against Aids Award from ACES, Jesus Mara, Crdoba.


He is a former member of the Boards and Executive Commissions of the DAIA (Federation of the Argentinean Jewish Association) and was a consultant for the Technical Commission of the Argentinean Committee in the Fight against Ethnical and Religious Discrimination. He is a Member of FLACEIS, Argentinean Chapter (Forum of Members of Ethical Comittees in Health Research, Latin America)


Since 1993 he has been the Editor of Social Sciences in the “Actualizaciones en Sida” quarterly Journal and published extensively in his areas of interest. He has active presentations in national and international gatherings and conferences on subjects related to AIDS, discrimination and to Non Profit Organizations and is a lecturer in workshops and symposiums focusing on Strategic Planning, Public Health Policies, AIDS Prevention, Stigma & Discrimination; Human Resources in Health, Telephone Helplines, Fundraising, Development of Non Profit Organizations, and other related subjects.